Why Your Security Door is Missing the Mark


Having a security door in the home can protect from both big and small intruders, from criminals to bugs. However, any old type of security door just won’t do. In fact in many cases, you’ll find your security door is missing the mark! If you’re curious to know why, this post will give you a clue:

Your Door Isn’t Even Keeping Out the Little Intruders

If your door can’t keep out the little intruders, how do you expect it to keep out the larger intruders? Your door should be able to keep out flies, mosquitos, and dangerous scorpions if it’s going to be effective. Many doors are advertised as security doors, yet they barely keep out the flues! Researching the company you’re thinking of buying from and looking at testimonials is always a good idea. The term ‘security door’ can be meaningless. You can’t always trust their claims that it’s better than a larger name brand either! Your door should have a good seal. Some companies use foam tape around the door, but this needs to be replaced once a year in order to keep working. Felt tape is the most effective and lasts for a long time.

Your Lock Isn’t Secure

Some security door locks on the market offer a great warranty, so make sure you look for one of those when purchasing your door. Your key lock should be a 5 pin cylinder or something equally as effective.dinner-fork-door-lock

Your Door Isn’t the Right Material (or You’re Not Treating it Right)

The majority of security doors are made of aluminum, metal alloy, or steel. Any of these materials can be made to be a good security door, but you need to make sure you’ve chosen the right one for you. If you live in an area that is prone to break ins, a steel door complete with grille could be a good idea. Experts agree that steel doors are the most effective when it comes to keeping out intruders. An aluminum door can be enough if you just want to keep out bugs and make your home look more secure. Aluminium and metal alloy frames are weaker than a steel frame though, so they must be created into a wider door to be strong enough. Aluminum is less prone to corrosion than steel, so bear that in mind. If you have a steel security door, then you must powder coat it to protect from rust. It can then go for up to 10 years without any signs of rust! You can simply then recoat it to protect it further.

It Isn’t Sealed Effectively Enough

There are two kinds of mounting that work well for security doors. There’s tube-frame mounting, and flush-mounted installation. Flush mounting is usually the better option, as it looks better and seals up your door better. Your door should be reinforced at the corners too. If it isn’t, you could be risking the safety of your home!

You Don’t Have the Right Infill or Grille

The infill or grilleCZBn2TVWAAEwQzG of your security door is really important too. These can be made from all kinds of materials, from aluminium to metal mesh. Stainless steel mesh grilles can be great because they won’t ruin the view beyond your door. However, steel bars and grilles are the most secure option you can go for.

It Needs too Much Maintenance

Do you find yourself constantly tending to your door? Ideally, your door won’t need much maintenance to remain effective. Painting your door is a bad idea, as it doesn’t usually last under the sun and isn’t heat tested. Having your door powder coated will create a tougher finish. All of your door should be powder coated, from the screws to the frame.

Your Door is Blown Around by the Wind

The wind can seem like it has a life of its own sometimes. That doesn’t mean you should let your door get blow around hither and thither. You don’t want your door to be blow open too far or it could become damaged. Having a wind chain on your door will prevent this!

Your Guarantees and Warranties Aren’t Good Enough

Do you have a guarantee or warranty that’s good enough? Maybe you don’t have these at all! You should know what happens if someone does manage to break in, or if there’s a fault with your door. You should know all about these before you decide to hand over your cash.

Make sure your security door is as effective as it can be and you’ll have peace of mind for years!

Lamps Sales Online in Sydney

Lamps in Sydney

Lamp Sales Online Delivered in Sydney

We know that the lighting on your home affects the entire mood and ambience of your property. Good lighting turns a bare house into a comfortable, cosy home. It’s one of the smallest and most affordable changes you can make in the home. Yet, it has a stunning impact on the look and feel of the property. In this post, we’re looking at some of the lighting products we’ve got on offer at the moment, here in Sydney.

Have you ever wondered how interior designers get their lighting just right? Have you ever asked yourself if lighting could improve the mood of your house? Well, the simple answers can all be found right here on this website! Simple lighting tricks will transform your home, and they’re easier than you think. Here are just some of the lighting ideas that will alter the ambience in your rooms.


Overhead lights

The best place to start is your overhead lights. They’re the dominant light source in the room, but often the hardest to get right. Often, these lights are too harsh or bright, and they cast dark shadows around the room. That’s where Oyster lights come in very handy. They’re softer ,and much more subtle than a standard overhead light. You can go one step further, and install dimmer switches for your overhead lighting. It gives you the option of lowering the light, and creating a subtler mood.


Lamps and task lights

We pride ourselves in having one of the best collection of lamps in Sydney. As you can see in our range of lamps and wall lights, we have everything you need. Task lighting forms a secondary light source that helps you carry out specific tasks. For instance, it could be reading in the corner of the living room under the glow of a lamp. It might be preparing food in the kitchen with a wall light. Interior designers call this ‘layer lighting’, and it’s very effective indeed.


Outdoor lights

When you’re installing your home light sources, don’t forget about the home exterior. Remember, there’s nothing more wonderful than sitting outside on a summer’s evening. With elegant outdoor lighting, you can enjoy the space for even longer. We stock a huge range out outdoor lights including deck lights that slot into your existing seating area. We also have bigger spot lights, flood lights, and sensor emergency lighting.


Home automation

Nowadays, you can create complete control over your light sources with home automation. Not only does it allow you to tweak each light source individually, it will also save you money. By setting your lights to timers, you can control how much electricity you’re using during the day. How often do you forget to switch off the lights when you leave a room? How often do you leave a light on all day by accident? With home automation, you can forget about that. You can also set up timers while you’re on holiday to deter would-be burglars. Home automation lighting is practical, affordable, and easy to install.

Own The View With Proper Lighting

There are typically two features when one is looking for the best shade blinds. An in-built system is first. slats-vignette-modern-romanThis spells making the blinds tight in all areas. Some blinds, for example, have a backbone otherwise called pretensioned system to make sure they maintain their shape. Manufacturers do patent this as they are able to maintain the shape, minimize sagging and do away with zips, pulleys and ropes which are in most cases, unsightly, It also keeps the blinds rigid and good looking.

Second is a neat and simple winding mechanism. Similar to above, it is doing away with ropes, pulleys, and straps when using the blinds. These items may interfere with the beautiful view of your surroundings. A winding mechanism makes it clean looking with ease of use. Plus, it prevents unnecessary flapping in the wind, warping and sagging with its use. This is through control given to you on the tension of the outdoor blinds.



In controlling your house’s temperature these are just a few of the ways common in using blinds. Consider well where you live and the seasons where you stay, this will help you find the best one. Planning is a great way of achieving your purpose. When you think of its many advantages, blinds make your place much more beautiful and pleasing. That is why it is best to find the ones that suit your needs for function and aesthetics.

Take into consideration the cloth it is made of and who produced the material, where it was made. That way you will know quite well what is suitable and what is not. Being aware of when it is best to use, shine or rain, and across different seasons the outdoor blinds will be there and withstand the weather all the time.


sun blinds online quoteMarket Research

The product must be tested and subjected to the elements during production to know if it qualifies. This again moves back to the manufacturer of the item. If they adhere to strict production standards then it is a comforting thought. Market research that is done extensively, ensuring the highest quality possible is another consideration. This is similar to a Good Housekeeping seal for outdoor products. A reliable product is always a good value for the money.

In making the homes energy efficient, there are a lot of ways to get there. A great way of getting started is controlling the internal temperature day in, day out. Many options abound starting with the areas inside the house. Lowering the temperature inside the house lowers the need to keep the interiors cooler, which means savings in your household utility costs.

One good starting point is if you have adjusted the blinds you are using in the windows of the house. It will serve you well to consider this first.


Efficient and Effective

Many homeowners have gained well by being more energy conscious, not as a fading thought, but a lifestyle and housing habit. The use of the right blinds will be effective in maintaining this thought. Maintaining the energy in being efficient and effective is dollar well spent yearly. If you can afford an automatic option, then you won’t have to be bothered by the hours of setting the blinds accordingly. Preset times are available and this way is the best example of using and maximizing the warmth blindsavailable.

Apart from the automatic, there are other ways with things manual being part of it. Custom blinds are great options too. Being in control inside the house can form part of maintaining the ideal house temperature. Only the necessary amount is required, not hotter or colder.

Not only is it with the celsius inside the rooms but it corresponds to the amount of sunlight filtering inside the areas too. Deciding on how well lighted they get, the beauty of the homes are likewise accentuated properly. This heightening benefits no other than you as homeowner.